Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Fitness Tips for Beginners

10 of the Best Fitness Tips Ever


You can follow the hereunder mentioned fitness tips and secrets to:


- Maximize the benefits from your physical exercise and supportive nutrition. - Avoid any possible dangers/traps which might signal painful recoils and regressions.


1. Try to find the golden mean between over-training and concrete, tangible fitness gains and benefits. Calculate the intensity, frequency and duration of your workouts. You need quick and visible results but a burnout might prove disastrous.


2. No workout program and no diet will bring long-term results if you don"t make a serious commitment. Feed your self motivation and self discipline. Look into the mirror: if your eyes spark then you can go on.


3. Before you embark on your long and difficult trip to physical perfection try to dispel the most persistent fitness myths.


4. Do not omit to integrate into your workout routines the warm up ritual. Prepare your body for the hard exercise that is going to follow and reduce the possibilities for a painful injury. Warming up relates both quantitavely and qualitavely to the kind,duration and intensity of the main workout. It"s very true that lots of people omit this workout phase because it is considered as boring and it lacks the glamour of tough exercise. Huge mistake! About stretching: After the general warm-up you can do some active or passive static stretching. Try to avoid any type of dynamic or ballistic stretching. These are games for bigger boys!


5. Also: don"t overlook the cooling down procedure! After the intensity of the main workout we need achangent period. Body temperature has to decrease and waste products to be removed from the muscles. After 5 minutes of relaxed jogging you can devote 5-10 minutes to active or passive static stretching exercises. Cooling down is critical for a quicker recovery and should be adjusted to the main workout.


6. Every fitness program should by all means comprise in its exercise part:


a) Aerobic activities: to improve the cardiovascular system. b) Strength or resistance training: to maintain/increase muscle mass, improve strength and protect bones. c) Stretching: to increase range the of motion of the joints and muscles" flexibility. Also to prevent from injuries and relieve from pain.


7. Share your objectives and visions with some positive-minded people of your close environment. They will support you morally. Additionally, sharing of your goals makes commitment easier and giving up is not an option any more.


8. Challenge yourself! Try always for a personal record,however marginal. Avoid the hamster mentality of endless walking or slow jogging on the treadmill etc.


Go for the real things:


- Circuit weight training/metabolic weight training. - Anaerobic interval training or at least some form of HIIT.


9. - No fancy fitness gadgets!No form of passive exercise(vibration training included!) - No fad diets! - No magic pills, potions and powders! - You will have to try hard! You will have to sweat! - Don"t fall prey to the fitness charlatans" deceitful promises!


10. There is no best time for fitness activities. The best time is this that best suits you and serves your schedule in an best way.



Test Post from Best Fitness Tips

Test Post from Best Fitness Tips